Chinese Soapstone



Chinese Soapstone-Dark Green

Professional grade dark green soapstone, harder than Brazilian (Approx 2-2.5 Mohs). Will take very high detail, grinds exceptionally well and is slightly translucent. This stone requires dry finishing and minimal water sanding and will polish up very nicely. I like this Jade-like soapstone very much.



Dark Green Rough Rock   

 Darkgreen sample


Chinese Soapstone-Pink/White/Pale Green

Great pink/white/pale green, almost pure talc, polish up fairly shining and translucent, a little softer than dark green soapstone, similar as Brazilian soapstone, about a 1 to 2 in hardness.




Pink Rough Rock   

Pink sample




Chinese Soapstone-Pale Green




Pale Green- Rough Rock

  Pale Green sample



Chinese Soapstone-Panda

Panda soapstone is about the same hardness as pink, softer than dark green, fantastic with colours black and white, looks like marble.




Gray- Rough Rock 

Gray sample



Soapstone Rough Chunks Prices List:



1-500 lbs

Dark Green






Pale Green




All prices are in Canadian dollars, FOB our warehouse in Toronto, Canada. Tax extra where applicable.

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