Wen Xie



Born in 1964, Shanghai, China


Carving since 1983


Trained under CaoZhiqi; the leading sculptor in Shanghai.

Also worked with realistic wildlife specialist Yang Weifeng.


Works in Soapstone, Alabaster, Marble, Granite and Jade

and Clay.


Subjects include Portraiture, Bears, Turtles, Eagles and Arctic wildlife. Wen also has a special interest in the many images from Mayan and Chinese mythology. If required, Wen is able to do virtually any carving from a drawing or a photograph. Wen can also be commissioned to do exact replicas of  treasured works for family and friends.


Wen uses traditional and modern tools and techniques to create his art. Wen’s style exhibits a high level of detail that gives an uncanny reaslism to the forms he creates.


Through his sculptures, Wen feels he is giving life to the stone and therefore substance to an idea.  Wen’s work can be seen at the following locations.





Email: xie1964@hotmail.com